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Reel Fish Sportfishing Simulator

     The fish looks to be a trophy for sure as you watch it cut through the water and feel it bump your bait. Then the violent strike and the water explodes as your trophy goes airborne. Your reel is screaming, your rod is bending, and your heart is pounding.

Welcome to Reel Fish!

     The Reel Fish Sportfishing Simulator comes complete with simulator, Sony Trinitron big screen television, the finest in rods and reels, even a drift boat for larger venues, everything to create the ultimate fishing experience. Whether you are fishing for marlin, tarpon, salmon, trout, or bass, Reel Fish can guarantee a trophy catch.

People of all ages and fishing skill levels love the excitement of this high impact experience that is consistently voted the number one crowd pleaser where ever it appears.

For bookings or more information on Reel Fish, CONTACT US!

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