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Women in Waders 2003 Calendar

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Loaded, Maxim, FHM, Unlimited, Gear, TNN Outdoors, Salmon, Trout and Steelheader, Pike and Muskie, Great Lakes Angler, Northwest Fishing Holes, Inside Line, Fishing and Hunting News, Oregon Angler, .Net, AngelWoche, Fisch und Fang, Fisk & Fri, and MORE ...

     Do you have your calendar yet? Do your friends? The Women in WadersTM calendar makes a great gift for your buddy, your relative and yourself. Let the 12 beautiful Women in WadersTM take you on a year long trip to some of the best fishing locations. Go to the ocean for perch, to lakes for bass, to trout filled streams, or to rivers full of salmon and steelhead.

...and your buddy never looked this good in waders.

Great gifts for any sportsman!

Guides, Lodges, Resorts -

What could be a better gift for your best clients than a beautiful Women in WadersTM calendar to help them plan next years trips with you? We offer special discounts for guides, lodges, or resorts ordering 10 or more. Contact our sales and marketing department, or our distributor Anglers Book Supply to order.

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Reviews of Women in WadersTM

Women in Waders, what an excellent idea! ;-) Fishing for so many years, I've yet to come across such a sight as the fine women in this calendar...all of them in waders, all of them outdoors...all of them tastefully photographed in very realistic fishing scenes. It certainly gives me hope that next time I'm over run by anxious fishermen, that just one of them could look like these girls! ;-)
Stripers Online

When one thinks of fishing as a hobby most opinions are, it is a mans world. Nothing could be farther from the truth, especially after taking one look at the beautiful ladies that cover the calendar pages of Women in Waders . I can only hope to see such beautiful women when I am angling the Salmon and Steelhead rivers of the West coast. We here at The Oregon Angler Magazine Inc. applaud Reel Fish for this creation that I know will not only warm the hearts of anglers all over young and old but will make a few beat a little faster.
David G. Pitts
Publisher /Owner
The Oregon Angler Magazine

"Enough trophy fish pictures. The women and scenery in this calendar would keep most anglers happy even if they never caught a fish."
Mark Koenig - Anglers Book Supply

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